Have you ever thought of where you are holding your hands on the steering wheel while driving? Where would your hands end up if you were involved in a collision and they were at the top or crossed over to the other side of the steering wheel? That’s right! In your face! And when you consider that air bags in steering columns deploy at several hundred miles an hour, which is why so many people injure themselves when involved in a collision.

Place your hands at the eight o’clock and four o’clock positions on the steering wheel and shuffle steer. It may take a bit of concentration to begin with but you will be surprised at the results. You will be able to drive longer distances and still have better control of your vehicle if you have to make an evasive manoeuvre. Your arms won’t tire from holding them at the top of the steering wheel or even the 10 and 2 position which some of us learned years ago. Not only that, if your vehicle starts into a slide at highway speeds, it helps to lessen the chance of ending up in a ditch or median or ever worse in a collision with another vehicle. Ever watch car racing on TV? That’s how race car drivers drive so that they have the utmost control of their race car.

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